Case studies

On these pages I am going to describe and explain problems and solutions which I am encountering in my everyday job working with Sybase ASE. Some of them are simple but persistantly repetitive, and others are more interesting.

Case study 1: HP-UNIX machine change name
Case study 2: Cross platform migration
Case study 3: Change database name
Case study 4: Drop all constraints in database
Case study 5: Uninstall Sybase ASE server
Case study 6: How to solve "suspect index" problem
Case study 7: Space left on segments - Sybase free space
Case study 8: Index and order by clause
Case study 9: Which is locking level?
Case study 10: HP-UX: to raw devices or to file system: that is the question!
Case study 11: List all tables in database
Case study 12: Changing locking scheme for one table or for all tables in database
Case study 13: Lucky number to table and column rename
Case study 14: Sybase do not want to start after machine change name
Case study 15: Check Sybase version
Case study 16: Index syntax
Case study 17: Completely remove database
Case study 18: Check index selectivity with dbcc traceon (302)
Case study 19: Get information from status, status2 and sysstat2 columns
Case study 20: Small SQL script executes and big don't!
Case study 21: How big tempdb should be?
Case study 22: How to connect to Sybase ASE server when its name is not known?
Case study 23: CASE syntax
Case study 24: Lock and hold
Case study 25: Sybase vs. Oracle
Case study 26: How to become Sybase ASE DBA
Case study 27: How to move master device file to new location
Case study 28: How to grant MLOCK permission during async i/o settings
Case study 29: Why Sybase Central freezes and how to solve it.
Case study 30: Create project for Sybase ASE installation on Solaris 10.
Case study 31: Lots of processes with MAINTENANCE TOKEN command.
Case study 32: Error when starting Replication Server
Case study 33: Update statistics in replicated environment
Case study 34: Replication Server memory leak
Case study 35: Rotate ASE server log
Case study 36: Blocked sessions monitoring script
Case study 37: Changing locking schema on table - it is not so simple as it looks like
Case study 38: Replication Server (in Warm Standby setup) inbound queue is growing

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