Useful sites

  • Rob Verschoor site most famous Sybase guru
  • pages for ASE on Linux and Perl are really useful
  • - I do not know Mr.Jason L. Froebe, but when I visitied his site, I've become eager to know him because his site! It is made with lots of taste and covers lots of subject and all that is presented in very exciting manner. I've stole his idea for clustermaps.
  • Sybase ASE FAQ - although do not have new things, the best description of ASE system organization
  • Boss consulting - Sybase ASE part has lots of interesting things considering regular daily activities and tasks, some comparison with Oracle(unfortunately, not so encouraging for Sybase) and lots more....
  • Peter Sap - interesting articles and opinions, about Sybase exams, and scripts. One of them which I find very useful is about measuring Sybase segments growth.
  • SybaseBlog - very well structured with lots of interesting information about SAP HANA, SAP Sybase ASE, SAP Sybase RS and SAP Sybase IQ
  • Thoughts and Tools for Sybase ASE - blog with different and interesting topics regarding Sybase ASE
  • Sybaserays - interesting documents regarding Sybase interview questions, learning and certification
  • DBMS Query optimization - Very good presentation made by Jeff Tallman about mechanics of query optimization

Recommanded books

Only few books to recommend? Does it means that Sybase ASE manuals are so good there is no need for others to writte on Sybase themes...?
Or I just couldn't find other books?

People which answer questions on Sybase forums

Sybase fair

  • Techwave - on this page you can find all presentations shown on Techwave from 2001-2011

Interview preparations

Although I have not been on any Sybase related interview, and can not share that unique experience, I find some information, hope useful, for people preparing to be questioned by( KGB) Sybase recruiters or employers ;-)

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