Case study 26: How to become Sybase ASE DBA
  • Platform: All
  • Sybase ASE version: All
  • Background story: This is one of the usual questions which I've got from people who are visting my site.
  • Task: Give my view to this topic. This describes my path.
  • Solution:If you want to be good Sybase ASE DBA I would suggest you to find a mentor who will discover to you most important things regarding Sybase ASE database.
    I had that luck, when I started to work, one man showed me basics, and after that I could learn it alone. I do not have experience with Sybase ASE courses, but I presume that could also be a good point to start.

    From my point of view, for the beginning, you should learn following things:
    - Server and client installation(together with patch installation)
    - starting up/shuting down Sybase ASE server
    - working through some Sybase ASE client (Sybase centra, Sybase SQL Advantage, ASE sql)
    - Database create/delete
    - Backup/restore procedures
    - user administration
    - SQL
    - SQL execution through isql Sybase tool
    - bcp tool

    After that You should continue to intermediate level with:
    - cache creation
    - Sybase ASE server tuning
    - space management
    - disaster recovery
    - query plan creation
    - understanding Sybase ASE system tables
    - dbcc

    Upper level:
    - advanced query optimization
    - procedure plans
    - understanding statistics
    - Sybmigrate tool

    Sybase ASE has wonderful documentation and You should start, together with you everyday job, to read it.
    Some of the captions for the beginning:
    - Performance and Tuning Guide: Volume 1 - Basics
    - System Administration Guide Volume 1 and Volume 2
    - Transact-SQL User's Guide
    - Sybase Adaptive ServerTM Enterprise Troubleshooting and Error Messages Guide Volume 1 (chapter Avoiding Disaster through Good DBA Practices)

    Also, You should follow up Sybase usergroup. There are Sybase news server on adress and there are several news groups. You should read, and ask question there. And You will get an answer. There are very good people who will give you an anwer.
    I wish you to be successful in your intention to be Sybase ASE DBA.

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