Case study 19: Get information from status, status2 and sysstat2 columns
  • Platform: HP-UNIX 11, Tru64 , Windows
  • Sybase ASE version: 12.5.x
  • Background story: It is often neccesery to read data from system tables: sysdatabases, sysobjects... and in these tables some information are held in sysstat2, status and status2 columns. These data are represented in bitwise numbers and finding which information they contain could be time consuming.
  • Task: Write an application which will transform bitwise sysstat2, status and status2 data to human readable form.
  • Solution: I've written simple application which can be downloaded here. It is neccesery to select for which system table you wish to see status, status2 or sysstat data. Then in edit box enter status value and you will get what does this value means. This is the first version of ABCD application. ABCD means: ASE bitwise column description.
  • Remark: more about status columns in system tables can be found in Reference Manual Volume 4:Chapter 12 System Tables

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