Case study 32: Error when starting Replication Server
  • Platform: Windows
  • SAP RS version: 15.7
  • Background story: I have been installing test environment where I could continue learning and transfer my knowledge regarding SAP Replication Server. That environment consisted of 4 machines: primary SAP ASE database, standby SAP ASE database, machine where Replication Server system database, RSSD, should exists, on SAP ASE database server, and one machine where Replication Server is going to run. When I do the installation and configuration, at the end of configuration, Replication Server did not want to start, with error: Open Server error: Error: 16029, State: 0, Severity 20 -- 'Failed to start any network listeners'.
  • Solution: I have been checking different answers on internet regarding this issue, and most of them are telling that either port on which Replication Server should run in used by another application, or Replication Server is already running, or there is some problem with interfaces (sql.ini) file. I've checked ports with netstat -a, and there are no other applications on RS port. I've tried to change port of RS in sql.ini, but without sucess. But, I've noticed that, in sql.ini file, instead of using IP of machine where RS should run, I've used machine host name, and that machine host name was wrong! So, instead of using (wrong) machine name, I've used IP, and after that I was able to start Replication Server
  • Conclusion: With this error, check ports and interfaces file.

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