Case study 31: Lots of processes with MAINTENANCE TOKEN command
  • Platform: Solaris 10
  • Sybase ASE version: All
  • Background story: There are lot of processes which were in sleeping status with MAINTENANCE TOKEN command. Also, some of the processes were not able to connect to Sybase. There were no obvious errors in errolog.
  • Solution: One of the solutions is to restart server, but problem rises again, very soon after restart. Also, killing application which are connected to Sybase server did not help. Killing Sybase processes were not possible - kill command did not kill Sybase process - here I am refering to processes inside Sybase not Sybase as an OS process. More detailed insight into error log showed that there is no place in sybsecurity database, which is used for storing auditing purposes. I have extended existing devices for sybsecurity database, added them database, and the problem is solved. I have restarted database server to get rid of the hanging processes, but later I did not see any process with MAINTENANCE TOKEN command, and there is enough space in sybsecurity database.
  • Conclusion: Add space to sybsecurity database, check space on segments. Reconsider auditing policy.

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