Case study 2: Cross platform migration
  • Platforms: HP-UNIX 11 and Windows 2003 Server
  • Sybase ASE version: 12.5.3 on both machines
  • Background story: When I started working with Sybase, usual way for migration databases was by using manually generated SQL script, with some home made tools for transferring data. That approach was very difficult and I have to be very careful, especially because that process was manual. After that I’ve discovered sybmigrate, and once I setup both platforms for migration, process is automatic, but I’v always have to watch on error log, and if something goes wrong, I had to start from beginning. Third approach was introduced from 12.5.3 version, and it consists of making database backup on one platform and restore that dump on another.
  • Task: migrate database from HP-UNIX to Windows
  • Solution: as described in this document
  • Status: although I've followed all steps described in document shown above, migration was not successful. Back to good old sybmigrate . Sybase still have to work on it.

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