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About DBA Sybase and me

My name is Vojislav Depalov, known as Sybase Mage among his friends and colleagues.

Why Sybase? I've been working with several databases, starting with Access, Oracle, Firebird, some with MySQL, Sybase and MS SQL Server. I like and recommend Sybase ASE, because it has very good ratio between "tune ability" and maintenance (database administration). From one side, Sybase ASE can be tuned in many ways, but despite this, it can be fairly easily administrated. All databases are interesting in some specific way, every database has some peculiar things to be discovered and used. Sybase has become even more interesting when SAP become an owner, and it is quite obvious (by examining new features they added to Sybase), that SAP is serious with Sybase ASE, now known as SAP ASE.

Why Sybase Mage? SAP/Sybase ASE is like a magician cauldron, and when working with SAP/Sybase ASE I feel like a Mage who, with precisely measured ingredients, can turn mud into gold. Considering this, DBA Sybase motto is: "Release the power from your SAP/Sybase ASE".

One of the main motives which drives me forward in working with SAP/Sybase ASE is question: "Can I make it (view, query, procedure...) run faster?", along with other SAP/Sybase ASE related topics.

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Latest version of SAP ASE: 16.0 SP03 PL01 (last update: 10.October 2017.)

Latest version of SAP Replication Server: 16.0 SP03 (last update: 10.October 2017.)

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